The Story of Dremica

DREAM STORY began in the mind of the real Kirie (me!) in July 2012. I was fascinated with the ability of the human mind to lucid dream, and dedicated so much time to the craft that I eventually created an entire world in my dreams. When I went to sleep, it was just like waking up in real life. I had friends, enemies, storylines, world progression, and events that carried on in the world I created, all on their own. I called this world Dremica, and it was my escape from the troubles of growing up in a place where I wasn't understood by many.

While radio dramas, narrative podcasts, and audiobooks are familiar territory, Dream Story strives to fall under the umbrella of "serial fiction" in a category all of its own. While the podcast has already taken a more original approach to storytelling by existing more similarly to a TV show that you can only hear, I am constantly working on new ways to improve and expand Dream Story for all to enjoy. Soon listeners will be able to create their own Dremmies (citizens of Dremica), and have the chance to have them featured in the podcast. You will also be able to write to the Apprentice, view a Wiki of the races, timeline, and events of the world, and more. Dream Story is also in the process of making the listening experience even more captivating with new audio technology.

Listen and share Dream Story with anyone who loves fantasy, drama, love, war, comedy, majesty--or anything, really. And if you love Dream Story and want to support the many, many things that are to come, you can donate to my Patreon, here.

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